Passive  Network Audit Services

With Cabling system having life of almost 25 years, it is important to maintain the passive infra and document it for any urgent understanding of the system. However with the time lapse  & ad hoc expansions , most of the IT team find it difficult to maintain passive infra documentation , regular checks  in the racks  in the area of dressing, labelling , Hence it is important to get the regular audit & assessments of passive network

Rudra Tech is committed to maintain highest standards in all types of cabling systems  assessment activity with well documented infra solution and recommendations . We provide detailed  passive network audit document to acknowledge the status of network . This helps in the Network troubleshooting  with confidence on the Layer 1 Infrastructure

Design And Implementation Services For Data Centres

The data storage and connectivity requirements in the business niches are changing rapidly with the upcoming technologies and huge amount of data to be handled in the growing business. Thus, data centers are crucial for most of the businesses around the globe. The data center infrastructure needs careful planning, designing and implementation strategies to accomplish the goals.

That is why; the needs or requirements must be assessed by expert, experienced professional to realize the most efficient system. Rudra Tech caters comprehensive data center infrastructure services for the variety of applications and industries. While establishing a complete data center, one has to think of data center architecture design and other factors. In order to avoid inconvenience and a headache in the future, the planning should be perfect accomplishing all future aspects as well as considering technology changes. Rudra Tech is a reliable consultant planning your data center according to your business requirements and dimensions. We provide following data center infrastructure services –

  • Consultancy – Our experts study and analyse your requirements to recommend the best suitable data centre build  systems. All our solutions are devised to meet individual customer requirements of tier in the data center
  • Data center architecture design – We provide detailed plan of  architecture comprising  Rack space, Cooling requirement , False Flooring, Glass partition , Security system ,Air filtration systems Temperature controls ,Back up batteries to support HVAC and other essential systems , Earthquake-proof cabinets and server cages ,Fire suppression
  • Data center  implementation– There are many different technology arrangements which can serve better for specific business requirements.  We implement Data Center as per Tiering requirement of Client
  • Datacenter services – The maintenance, inspection and repairs of system is a continuous process that needs to be addressed in order to ensure flawless working. We provide quality data center support and maintenance services all time.

So, if you are thinking of establishing a data center or facing any issues with data center  design / infrastructure, we are here to provide the right solutions.

Video Conferencing System 

Communication is an important part of any business. Nowadays, businesses are becoming global and many businesses have branches all over the world or across the nation. The video conferencing system is the boon of emerging technologies which enabled businesses to communicate with their clients or their employees just as actual front to front communication.

This technology has brought an amazing change in the way of communication making it easy across the globe. Hence audio video services and system installation has great demand in the market. The video conferencing system has several benefits associated with it. Some of them are –

  • Overcoming geographical distances – Video conferencing made it possible to eliminate all geographical distances / barriers in the communication.
  • Saves time and money – It eliminates the need of travelling long distances for communication. It facilitates effective communication sitting at your location.
  • High definition video systems – Availability of high speed internet, high definition video devices and effective audio visual systems facilitate quality communication through video conferencing.
  • The availability of huge alternatives of devices – Today, the market provides a huge variety of audio video system devices to cater the needs of all businesses and their requirements. Hence it is easy to choose the suitable and affordable systems.

Rudra Tech is a recognized name in offering audio and video system installations. We offer the finest and branded equipment like Polycom, Cisco and NEC to ensure high quality communication. Along with installations, customer services and support, we provide many services like audio visual system integration, upgrading and maintenance.

The new technology provides powerful web cams, flat LCD/ wall mounting video devices etc.These devices offer high definition video quality and audio system to enhance the video communication. Automation can help you to implement a video conferencing system in your business successfully.

With advancement in technology many security devices are evolved to ensure enhanced security at  different levels and locations. Among various security systems and devices, security alarm systems, access control systems and many others are helpful in achieving great security support. These devices helped to assure reliable solutions to protect valuable assets.

Rudra Tech is one of the leading security system providers in Pune. We provide a line of security system solutions for different application areas.

Rudra Tech deals in a variety of security system equipment and services such as –

  • IP enabled CCTV security systems – CCTV has helped society as a whole to decrease the mischievous  intentions of   people. Some areas need to be covered under supervision in the view of security. CCTV security systems are effective for security purposes . These system helps  client in areas like Remote Video monitoring, Facility protection,  operations monitoring , Employee safety, Parking  area monitoring,  surveillance on events, Outdoor Perimeter Security

 Other important Areas of physical Security are :

  • Access control systems – These systems ensure restricted access to the place or resource. it includes individual security for access control, biometric identification, and visitor management, workforce management to address  time accounting and personnel scheduling.
  • Fire alarm or fire detection systems – The areas having higher risks from fire need to be protected by security systems like fire alarm or fire detection systems..

CCTV Security Systems

It is the need of this modern era to secure many areas for protection of valuable assets/ information or resources. The technology has served many alternatives to have close supervision of such areas. These alternatives are reliable and affordable and that is why; you will see many places are covered with CCTV security systems like shops, malls, IT premises and many more. Even the residential areas are also secured with these security systems.

Rudra Tech is experienced in security camera installation to secure the sensitive area under close watch.
CCTV security systems made it easy to locate any doubtful entries or actions at the earliest. The important aspect while installing these systems is the areas to be covered under video surveillance. Generally, installing cameras at common entry places, patios or focused on main operational area offer better control and security. The main two types of security cameras include –

  • Wired cameras – These cameras high quality pictures but these cameras are trickier to install as the wires need to be arranged in a better way.
  • Wireless cameras – These cameras are more flexible for installations but as aerial signals may interrupt and may not offer quality pictures as wired cameras all time.

The installation of CCTV camera must be installed by professional to place it properly and cover the target area properly. The legal restrictions are also essential for video surveillance. Rudra Tech engineers are expert in security camera installation processes. We install cameras and CCTV systems of well-known brands like Honeywell, Hikvison, Bosch etc. If you want to install CCTV security system at your office or site, call us and get it done perfectly.

Access Control Systems : Protecting Valuable Resources

Many sensitive or important places need to be supervised in order to control access, entry or usage of particular resources or places. Many different access control systems have been devised over time. These devices are installed to ensure precise security of resources or places. The scanners or sensors are used in these devices. A wide range of these devices is devised for home applications to commercial security systems. Rudra Tech has established a great reputation in installation, maintenance of cutting edge security systems.

Today, different types of access control systems are available for different applications. Some of the access control systems include –

  • Access control systems for entrance into the premises through access card or physical identification.
  • Access control security alarm systems including audio/ video entry systems, PIN/keypad devices

CCTV systems are also part of access control and security systems. In most of the card access control systems, various components are used such as card readers, access cards, electric lock hardware, access control keypads, access control field panels etc. Rudra Tech has a team of highly qualified professionals in designing and installing access control systems for different applications. We offer the latest technology solutions of renowned brands like HID, Contec, Smart I etc. Even we can consult you to ensure security or access control system for your business or security purposes. Call us and avail quality access control systems at your place.

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